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    Robert's Rules | Parliamentary Procedure

    Robert's Rules of Order Revised

    by General Henry M. Robert

    1915 Version, Public Domain

    Table of Contents

    Part I.- Rules of Order.

    Article I - How Business is Conducted in Deliberative Assemblies.

    Article II - General Classification of Motions.

    Article III - Privileged Motions.

    Article IV - Incidental Motions.

    Article V - Subsidiary Motions.

    Article VI - Some Main and Unclassified Motions.

    Article VII - Debate.

    Article VIII - Vote.

    Article IX- Committees and Boards.

    Article X - The Officers and the Minutes.

    Article XI - Miscellaneous.

    Part II.- Organization, Meetings, and Legal Rights of Assemblies.

    Article XII - Organization and Meetings.

    Article XIII - Legal Rights of Assemblies and Trial of Their Members.


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